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The Story

Many moons ago in a land far, far away....I was a young whippersnapper working during the first college years and eager learn a new skill.  A couple phone calls and a couple hand shakes and had I found my way onto a custom home framing crew.  It was on this crew where I realized that working as hard as I could every day, pinning saw guards, walking rafters, and nailing your coworkers tool belt to a 2x4 20' above the ridge was all I ever needed in life.  At the end of the day we were all stronger, smarter and just plain exhausted, but building a quality house that you were proud of was all worth it.  A friend once told me that if you work hard, you earn your keep.  That has been the foundation for most everything in my life, whether it be helping someone move, setting up a wedding, helping someone clear brush etc.

Fast forward a few years and I found myself going to the University of South Carolina for engineering and working for a firm in Alpharetta, Georgia for almost nine years.  I brought to Davis & Church a solid background in engineering fundamentals, understanding of framing and how common framing tools are used.  At Davis & Church I worked mostly on multi-Use, multi-Family residential projects where I expanded my knowledge into complex framing systems and complex foundation systems.  I worked very hard at understanding how to design and detail the building to accommodate the architectural features and non-stacking layouts, along with identifying and accommodating for the infill of mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire sprinkler systems without compromising the structure or requiring in-the-field modifications.  During my tenure at Davis & Church I acquired my Georgia fire fighter 1 and EMT certificate and started volunteering in my resident county.  I really enjoyed doing what I could to try and make someone's situation slightly better.

Fast forward a few years and I decided to work full time in Fire & EMS and only do part-time work in engineering.  I decided to start up a business and only work on single family homes.  Funny how it all comes back.  I love engineering, but working in both fields has been a great balance and has allowed me to enjoy working with customers and at the same time providing a first responder service to the community.  So here I am today still pursuing my dream to design and detail residential projects, albeit only on a part-time basis, but heck something is better than nothing right.  

You may like my services or you may not, but at the end of the day, just don't send me to HR.

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